Dear PhD students,

You have elected new representatives for a 2-year term.

During the Erasmus doctoral school, and the College of Doctoral Schools (ERASME and GALILEE) councils, the elected PhD students work with the members of these decision-making bodies. On these occasions, it is our role to challenge those authorities on the problems and working conditions of PhD students. Here is a quick overview of our role:

  • Relay your difficulties to the university decision-making bodies (equipment, administrative and financial conditions, etc.)
  • Report your administrative problems
  • Facilitate the integration and welcoming of foreign PhD students (administrative orientation, etc.)
  • Working at a continuous improvement of the conditions of doctoral training and research, and of the reality of the tasks entrusted to PhD students (teaching, etc.)
  • Defend the rights of PhD students
  • Proposals for conviviality time, etc.

Something to tell us? You can write to us at the following address:


Any suggestions are welcome. We will respond to you as soon as possible.